Friday, July 21, 2017

DIY Lace Boho Cuff

I am terribly late with my posts this week but you'll just have to bear with me! There is too much to see in Corfu and so little time left when we actually get back at night, so right now I am juggling with my posts:)

This is a sweet weekend project for a lace boho cuff I've prepared that can be finished in no time - I just love these kinds of projects where you can whip something in a matter of minutes and head out of the door wearing it.

So what you need is:
1. A wide piece of lace (length: to fit your wrist)
2. Decorative coins and beads
3. 2 clasps
4. A metal chain and jump rings
5. Sewing needle and thread (sewing machine)

Cut a piece of lace that would be as long to go around your wrist but not cover it completely. Mind to add a little seam allowance because we are going to sew the edges.  For this project I repurposed lace from one of the blouses I had lying around, so an oldie can be a goldie.

Fold the ends, pin and sew to secure. Lace can fray like crazy sometimes. I used my sewing machine for this because the lace has a lot of hollows and it was easier than doing it by hand.

After sewing the edges, add the clasps. I noticed afterwards that they mine are not properly lined up. Mind that please.
Add jump rings on the respective sides and attach the chain.
My lace with its circle-designed edges is just perfect to add coins between them.
And because I went with the black and metallic (silver) look, I chose round metal beads to add to the middle of the lace and fill those spaces up.

And it is done! I am very satisfied how it turned out and even more at how it looks when styled.
This is the blouse I used it from - this particular piece was taken from the sleeve.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We are in Corfu!

We are on the enchanting island of Corfu and we are having the time of our lives! Days are filled with adventures exploring and discovering it. Photos are being taken laboriously so I'll fill you in a bit later during the week.
Follow our stay here on my instagram.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Irena Ivovich - Mommy's Imaginary Friends

Happy Monday all!

If you believed that only little kiddies have imaginary friends, well... you couldn't be more wrong. Because mommies can have them too and this mommy in particular has a stunning collection of them!

Let me introduce Irena Ivovich - the mommy behind Mommy's Imaginary Friends.
1. Who is the Mommy behind Mommy's Imaginary Friends (MIF)?
Who's the Mommy? The Mommy in this story is Yanya and Dzuradz' mom and her name is Irena. ;)

She's a grown woman that plays with dollies, an architect, a housewife, a teacher in school, a mother and a wife, an evil feminist and many other things.
Although insisting on being a mom can sometimes be boring, there's that essential change in a woman that follows her when she becomes a mother. Along with the changes that followed in my case, as well as other life circumstances made me question my professional goals; becoming a mom reminded me that when you slow down with everything you do, the creative process can become a game. And in the end, it is a game.

I am still into the interior design business (in the past I worked for a furniture production company that was a supplier for a big chain of stores), but under my conditions. The job in the school is the one that makes me go outside and maintain the continuity of going to work, which is also important to me. I go everywhere on my bike. It is stored away only when its icy outside. I've organized my obligations in such a way that I am able to spend maximum time near my children, but I also try very hard to involve them in  as many of my activities as I can. They are my closest expert associates when it comes to designing MIF characters. I am in a life phase when I feel the happiness is tangible and possible to achieve and that it is possible to have so much in this life only if one is aware of everything beautiful happening around.

2. How did you start making fabric toys and what was the first one you made?
I started making fabric toys at a time I wasn't able to realize some ideas of a small production of wooden toys. I always conceptualize as a designer first and as an architect I started from furniture, but since that idea got stuck in time, I started to sew toys little by little, first as gifts for the neighbouring kids and small relatives, but when people saw my photos of them on social media and started asking about prices, then I started selling them.

At the beginning everything was poorly done, mostly because I didn't know at all how to use a sewing machine. (I find tailoring more logical, probably due to all the descriptive geometry knowledge I acquired.). I learned how to use it and worked to a commendable routine one step at a time.

I just recently remembered that I had sewn my first toy at the age of 14 to give as a gift to a boyfriend of mine at that time. It was a turtle and I believe it was sewn very poorly. Seventeen years later, I sewed a kitty for my Yanya, completely by hand and with the whiskers sewn backwards. :)

3. What kind of fabric do you use for your toys?

I use different fabrics . I try to find ones of great quality, natural and interesting. I buy in small quantities - usually a piece of fabric and I do recycle a lot. I also buy leftovers from tailoring shops and they can be a real treasure. Some of the motifs are recurring, such as red fabric with white polka dots. I cannot live without them. :)

4. What is the easiest / fastest toy to make?

 The easiest toy? Definitely the mouse. But when it becomes  easy it somehow loses its magic and that's why I always love to change something, try out new designs.

5. Can you tell us a bit about the toy creating process? How long does it take from a sketch to the final product?
The creative process, as I was taught in school, is all about sketches. A huge pile of sketches which I replace by ruining at least 10 sample pieces, which I distribute to the neighbouring kids to play with, then there is a lot of Maths and it keeps going.
I worked on my first doll for about a year - I have been experimenting with it for the past 6 years. The penguin was a lot of pain, but now I think I have the perfect cut and I am quite satisfied with it and with the other birds. I literally play with the chicks and parrots 'designs and for them I don't have a cut, just a sketch which I literally draw onto the fabric. Currently, I am playing with sea creatures. I try not to fall into a routine.
6. How many different toys do you have in your offer?
In my offer there are lizards and monsters made for babies, which I must say inspire me the most, then there are dolls, cats, bears, fish, whales, mice and there's always something new.  I try my best not to repeat myself and I do not show the least interest in serial production.
Well, stepping into this mom's world felt wondrously - I hope you enjoyed it too.
Find more about MIF in her online shop and Facebook page.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Crochet Bunting Necklace - free pattern

Hey guys!
I thought I would surprise you with a cute pattern for a crocheted bunting necklace! Eva wore it yesterday for the first time and it looked so good on her, I will certainly be making it in other color combos :)
The easy-peasy pattern goes like this:
{Mind that the size of yarn determines the size of the actual piece - I made it with sport yarn and 1.9mm hook, so it looks fragile and delicate and not bulky and sturdy}
Chain 7. Starting from 2nd ch from hk, sc 4 and then sc2tog (the last 2 st).Turn work. Sc3 across and sc2tog. Repeat the pattern decreasing at the end until there is only one stitch on the hook. The first triangle is made.

Next, chain 8. Seven for the next bunting piece and 1 as a border between. Repeat the triangle pattern as above. Make 4 such triangles.
Work the pattern in other colors (two three or more).

When all the desired buntings are made, join all three with jump rings at the sides. Do not join the middle ones. Just attach the jump rings and add beads or coins as we did.

Apart from coins, we also added beaded pins to make it more playful.
You can get this as a free download from ravelry

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pink Flamingoes - free crochet patterns


I am sure you have all seen the flamingo craze taking over the world right now. It is unbelievable. Seriously.
So seeing it everywhere, I wished to make myself a flamingo brooch, but when I started searching for a pattern, well... to say I was overwhelmed by the amount of flamingo projects shown would be an understatement.

You can see these birdies stitched, sewn, crocheted, felted and beaded - you name it - someone has made it! But here, we are interested in crochet patterns, as I was saying....

The selection is lovely and they are all cute, so it's hard to pick a favourite. Will you make one this summer? Which one of these do you like best?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

20 Facts About Me

Sweet Marjan of Atelier Marie-Lucienne tagged me in an "about me" game on instagram, and opposite to my first reaction in playing online games to pass it on - I actually decided to play on. It was nice to bring some freshness into a routine filled day.

So, hopefully I am not going to bore you to death with this. At the same time, a warm welcome to my new followers, and if you were curious who's behind this blog, here's a little something:

1. I am a mom of 2 kids: Eva (16) & Jacob (11)
2. Cliché but true: married my high school love
3. I have a BA in English Language and Literature and besides working as an ESL teacher, I am also a certified court translator
4. As a kid I dreamed being an actress and a writer. It came true: I act in my classes and write for my blog 😝
5. I love languages: my second language at uni was Spanish. I speak 3 other languages fluently and stagger with 2 more.
6. Films and books are my addiction. I love horrors but not the ones where a guy chases them with an axe, but the subtle, tense ones that creep under your skin and make it crawl. Thrillers and actions too. This applies for books too.
7. I am an adrenaline junkie - but lately reason prevails ;/
I am a mom for crying out loud!
8. Paternal grandma was a masterful knitter / crocheter, maternal a professional seamstress - there I acquired my talents. No handwork is strange to me.
9. Travels are my passion. We'd love to visit Morocco (or Cappadocia) in the near future.
10. I have huge collections of postcards, Christmas cards and stamps.

11. In the past I corresponded with pen-pals from more than 50 countries. Sounds antique from this point of view and technological advances. Nonetheless, I'd still do it.  
12. I love to look for images in coffee mugs and clouds.
13. Harry Potter fan. Sad it wasn't written when I was a child - it would have been a magical childhood. But I got to enjoy my kids magical childhood watching (and reading) it.
14. I wish I was born near a sea. Crazy over swimming in crystal blue waters.
15. I've been making jewelry since elementary school, so this passion has sound foundations.
16. When I grow up I want to design kids clothes.
17. Favorite daily drinks: coffee and cranberry tea with a generous amount of ginger
18. Favorite colors: dusky rose and blue
19. Zodiac sign: Leo
20. Lost my dad when I was 23. Terribly miss him every. single. day.

There's a ton of other things I didn't say, but let's keep it this way. Maybe we have something in common? Thank you for reading!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Insta feel - Tropical Ambitions

Finally! This upcoming weekend is very exciting for us because we'll be going on our long deserved vacation. What to say? When the time comes for a vacation, I am as anxious and excited as a little girl, burning with anticipation to see all the gorgeous places we've already pinpointed.
So you'll have to excuse my jittery self for this post, but white sandy beaches, clear blue (green) waters and a lot of sunshine is all I could think about right now.
In line with that, there is an IG account with some stunning tropical photos I thought we could all enjoy today. It's called (quite suitably)  Tropical Ambitions
Do you have any tropical ambitions planned for the summer?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Crocheted Flip - Flops - Yea or Nay?

So I spotted these gorgeous  red crocheted espadrilles a while ago- I mean how could I miss them? They are a head turner. The only thing that left me with a question is that they were crocheted on flip flop soles.

Jess of Make & Do Crew has some fantastic and free tutorials of various slippers using flip flop soles and I am sure she knows well what she is talking about - the question here being whether they will let go. She has a full pack answered on FAQ about these slippers, buuuut... as a long time flip-flop wearer I am a little skeptic of the durability. Had too many flip - flop snaps in my lifetime and although I was tempted to start working on a pair, the thought of their durability has seriously put me off. Even the hardest rubber soles had eventually loosen up at the place where the straps go and with these, there are just too many holes made....
Have you tried working on flip flops? Your suggestions?

If you are willing to give these a try here are Jess' tutorials and some other I have pinned.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DIY Bohemian Hand Bracelet


Hi guys!
If you are boho crazy like me, join us today because we are going to make a beautiful hand bracelet. Don't worry because this project does not go further than joining different lengths of chain with certain findings. Haha... that sounded funny. Sounds easy too? It is!
What you need:

1. A pendant, piece of jewelry that could be connected on the upper and bottom part (preferably with holes)
2. A long piece of chain - not more than 15 cm / 5.9"
3. 3-4 regular jump rings +1 smaller and a lobster clasp
Step 1
Wrap the chain around your middle finger and measure how much you need to make a chain ring, cut excess chain. Mind not to make it too tight so to stop circulation! Use the smaller jump ring to make a ring.
Step 2
Next place the pendant on your hand and measure how much chain you need to connect it with the ring. Cut chain and join on the same small jump ring. Attach a jump ring on the pendant too. Step 2 is done.
Step 3
Now, we need to measure 2 chains for the bracelet that are going to be attached to the bottom of the pendant. Measure desired length of chain, attach it on the bottom of the pendant, at the back add a jump ring on one chain and (a jump ring onto which you attach ) a lobster clasp on the other and you are done.
It was easy, isn't it?
I made this bracelet for myself and I cannot wait to wear it on our upcoming vacation. I also made several different pieces more for my bohemian collection, using this technique, so you just let your imagination run and create the perfect boho bracelet for yourself.